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Visitor's Center with gift shop and displays, two campgrounds (one for horses and their riders), Camp Store, Amphitheater, Picnic /Homestead Area, Playground & Butterfly Gardens.


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Rhododendron Trail

One mile...

Big Pinnacle Trail

0.4 miles...

Listening Rock Trail

2.0 mile

Stampers Branch Trail

1.7 mile...

Rock House Ridge Trail

1.2 mile...

Appalachian Spur Trail

1.0 mile...

Wilburn Branch Traill

1.0 mile...

Cabin Creek Nature Trail

 This 1.9 mile loop trail begins from the Massie Gap Parking Area.  It is an easy .6 mile walk downhill to Cabin Creek and another .1 mile to its waterfalls.  The stream gets its name from a small hunting cabin that once stood next to the creek.

The trail cuts left at Massie Gap, and traverses past Mountain Laurel, Rosebay Rhododendron, and huckleberry bushes.  The Big Pinnacle rises above on the left before entering a tunnel formed by overhanging rhododendron and crossing a branch of the creek.  At the fork in the trail, take the left fork, the trail then winds through thin woods.  Approaching the creek, the rush of tumbling water becomes louder.  Yellow Birch, Fraser Fir, and Red Spruce tower over the creek, with their roots sprawling and twisting around rocks along the banks. Before starting the last downhill trek to the stream, Big-toothed Aspens, a rare northern tree in Virginia , arise on the right. Just ahead is a 25-foot waterfall cascading down in streams.  The trail incline is steep beside the falls, but once to the brink, another waterfall of smaller size appears.  Clear, dark pools of water have collected at the bottom of the falls, where native brook trout seek sanctuary.  It is a level .9 mile hike back to the parking area.

Twin Pinnacles

This easy grade, loop trail goes over the two highest points in Grayson Highlands State Park - the Little Pinnacle (5089 feet) and the Big Pinnacle (5068 feet) of Haw Orchard Mountain.

The trail is 1.6 miles long, but is only a little over .3 mile to the Little Pinnacle starting from behind the Visitors Center.  On a clear day, the Pinnacles from their igneous rock outcrops offer a spectacular 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains.

Looking northward from the Pinnacles the two highest points in Virginia, Mt. Rogers (5729 feet) and Whitetop (5520 feet), come into view.

Whitetop has a bald, a grassy area that was not cleared by an ax.  This is the northernmost bald in the Appalachians.

It is a .5 mile walk from the Little Pinnacle to the Big Pinnacle with a steep but short climb to this point from its base. The Big Pinnacle has a slightly lower elevation than the Little Pinnacle, but has a more predominant peak.  The walk back to the Visitors Center from the Big Pinnacle is .7 mile.

Wilson Creek Trail

This trail is 1.8 miles long and begins across the road from the log cabin just before entering the campground.  It is a .7 mile steep, downhill grade to Wilson Creek hiking through a Beech and Sugar Maple forest.  In the summertime, the floor of the lush, green woods is carpeted with ferns.  On down the trail, the rush of the creek water becomes louder the trail cuts left and then levels out.  Looking up, large whorls of Fraser Magnolia leaves and large oaks grow here with the slight drop in elevation from the campground. 

Partially hidden by overhanging limbs of yellow birch and Rosebay Rhododendron the creek provides a sunny clearing from the dark forest.  About .1 mile upstream, the creek seems to flow in all directions as it cascades over a large, flat rock mass.  Another .25-mile is a tumbling 25-foot waterfall.  After the waterfalls, the trail cuts away from the creek and ventures through a rhododendron thicket to a logging road with an easy grade that leads back to its starting point.